Modifications created by the community

Mods are addons that you can install in your game to get new features.

Gameplay and menus
Building and Objects
Map Editor
Regions, Names and Banks
Tokyo Expansion
U.S. Cities

Solving conflicts with mods

How to install the mods?

Each mod has his own way of installing. Some have an installer and others you need to put in specific folders. So, follow the authors instruction.

Windows ..\Program Files\Cities in Motion\metro or \addons or even \metro\addons
Windows Steam ..\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\cities in motion\metro or \addons or \metro\addons
Mac ../Library/Application Support/Cities in Motion/metro or /addons or /metro/addons
Mac Steam ../Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/cities in motion/Cities In or /addons or/metro/addons

- If the addons or metro folder doesn't exist, just create one. With lower case letters only. Addons won't work, it is addons.

- On OS X "Lion", apple decided to hide the user folders. Here is how to find them:
Go to the Finder and select "Go to folder.." from the Go menu, type [/Users/your username/Library] and you should get into the user library folder like in the previous version of OS X. Browse for Application Support/Cities in Motion

- Problems to download mods?
Sometimes the link to download the mod can be to Cities In Motion official forum, inside the User Modifications folder. That means, only players that had register their game inside the forum will be able to download.

You can register in CiM official forum and see how to register your game there, visiting this link.